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Events, spotter trips

BAF Spotting is our country's National spotting association. We are NOT locally based and completely neutral. Anyone can become a member of our organization. BAF spotting aims to strengthen the bond between Air Force and spotters.

Our main goal is to observe the BAF and provide information to our members. We are in close contact with the BAF and ensure accurate information.

For our members we organize spotters trips, base visits and go to Air Shows. In turn, the BAF Spotting Academy organizes workshops, courses and they provide Spotters Etiquette.

(Photo: BAF Spotting workshop)

Our Goal is bringing spotters together

BAF Spotting pursues the goal of treating ALL spotters equally. Whether you are a professional photographer or a novice.... with us, everyone is equal! Join Us! Together is more fun.

Today's Situation

Followers on Facebook: 2119

Association Members: 264

Spotters Etiquette (behavior)

Our members subscribe to spotters etiquette: we respect local regulations, strictly follow the orders of security personnel, do not damage property, do not take pictures of military installations and personnel without permission and do not leave any trash anywhere.

Contact Details

Belgian Air Force Spotting Group vzw/asbl

Secretariat: Houtmolenstraat 6, (B) 3900 Pelt 

Belgian Air Force Spotting Group magazine is launched...

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