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(NL) De BAF Spotting Academy is opgevat onder het principe 'leren van elkaar'. Het zijn geen opleidingen, workshops of cursussen. Je komt alleen in contact met vooraanstaande fotografen die je graag helpen bij het verbeteren van je fotografie vaardigheden. Deze samenkomsten staan onder leiding van Gert Trachez en zijn compaan Kris Christiaens. Al deze samenkomsten zijn 100% GRATIS voor onze leden.

(FR) La BAF Spotting Academy est conçue selon le principe de "l'apprentissage mutuel". Il ne s'agit pas d'un programme de formation, d'un atelier ou d'un cours. Vous ne rencontrerez que des photographes de premier plan, désireux de vous aider à améliorer vos compétences photographiques. Ces réunions sont animées par Gert Trachez et son partenaire Kris Christiaens. Toutes ces réunions sont 100% GRATUITES pour nos membres.


The BAF Spotting Academy is conceived under the principle of "learning from each other." It is not training, workshops or courses. You will only come into contact with leading photographers who will be happy to help you improve your photography skills. These meetings are led by Gert Trachez and his associate Kris Christiaens. All these meetings are 100% FREE for our members.

At BAF Spotting, we love the principle that knowledge sharing is at the forefront of our goals.


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Documentation Center

For our members we have an online documentation center where one can download worksheets, manuals and courses. For the purpose of photo editing one can also download and freely use all kinds of useful software. 

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Spotting  & Museum Trips

Our members can also participate (mostly) completely free of charge in all kinds of spotting trips in their own country as well as in the countries surrounding us. Under the motto 'together is more fun than alone' we regularly go out. For museum trips and travels they only pay the real price, like entrance fee and transport costs.